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Face-to-face video visit has comparable efficacy as the in-office visit.

APA Policy on Telepsychiatry

APA’s current policy on telepsychiatry, updated from its 1995 iteration with consultation from APA’s Council on Quality Care (and other Components) states:
Telemedicine in psychiatry, using video conferencing, is a validated and effective practice of medicine that increases access to care. The American Psychiatric Association supports the use of telemedicine as a legitimate component of a mental health delivery system to the extent that its use is in the best interest of the patient and is in compliance with the APA policies on medical ethics and confidentiality.
End-to-end encryption and meeting access controls. Data protected using a unique AES-256 key generated and cannot be intercepted. Our server is protected under subnet and firewall.
With online video visit, patient’s stigma issue resolves. Gain more access to your client with unmet needs. Practice without exposure
Protect data from improper alteration or destruction with database server network isolation, accessible only by API, protected by separated subnet and firewall

The Benefits of

Donate to charity
Make merit while helping people at the same time. Contribute to society and make it a better place.
Set your own schedule
Add appointment in the evening, on weekends or anytime you available.m the comfort of home or anywhere
Work from home
Easily give more time for your own family, Balance your work life without transition.
Improve Clinical Outcome
The easier access means better compliance, particularly for patients with chronic conditions. Reduce unattended appointments by helping them reach you better.
Incremental revenue
Add value to your words. Convert unpaid patient phone call into billable video visit. Easily add extra appointment in the evening on weekends. Increase access from remoted clients to your practice.
Increase patient satisfaction
Create ultimate flexibility for patients to visit the doctor from the comfort of home Reduce exposure to sick patients by avoiding hospital waiting room

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