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A robust evidence base that shows telepsychiatry leading to improved outcomes and higher patient satisfaction – with the added benefits of privacy, convenience, and access to an entire community of board-licensed and credentialed therapists.

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service is a preliminary consultation service and does not intend to replace routine treatment or normal doctor-patient relationship. ooca
  • ・Neither diagnosis or prescription will be provide on site
  • ・In case of emergency or severity, providers will recommend user to contact clinic/hospital for continuing treatment
  • ・Academic status and price set up will be publicly shown in web-app

ooca has no conflict of interest in any hospital or clinic.

The Benefits of

Improve your satisfaction with telemedicine
No more distance
Forget about commuting to hospital — avoid traffic and save your gas money. See doctor at your fingertips.
More flexibility
Forget about commuting to hospital — avoid traffic and save your gas money. See doctor at your fingertips.
Stay Engaged
Stay engaged with your healthcare with your regular doctor. In the long run, you’ll save money on healthcare costs.
Some patient has stigma or shame to seek professional help- With online video visit, you will feel comfortable to share anything to the doctor without any exposure.
No time wasting
Avoid wasting your time in crowded, uncomfortable waitingrooms. Instead, you decide where and when to have your doctor’s appointment without any effort to leave your home.

What it cost

Save your time, and spend it wisely. Live the life that you own.

1,000 THB

Doctor fee

Pricing Detail

video visit

In-person visit

1,500 THB

Doctor fee

200 THB

Hospital fee

300 THB

Opportunity Cost value of lost work and producing

300 THB

Traveling cost

Time is money

No more time wasting. Manage your time with flexibility. Everything's ready on the go.

video visit

10 minutes
waiting time to see a doctor from a comfort home

video visit

120 minutes
Traveling to hospital (in Bangkok)
30 minutes
waiting in crowed wating room
20 minutes
paperwork time

Tips for use

Please log in 10 minutes before your appointment.
Check internet connection
Wi-Fi or a wired connection is strongly preferred for agreat video visit experience.
Use headphones
This will help cut down on background noise and keep the conversation with your doctor private
Hold tight!
Sometimes we run a few minutes behind, just like in the office. Feel free to check facebook or email while you’re waiting.

See a doctor from

the comfort of your home


We only provide non-emergency consultation.

Please call 1669 for emergency contact.